CCE Services Inc.


Fiber Optic Survey, Design, Mapping, Testing and Proofing


As a certified fiber optic company we maintain fiber survey, design, auditing reports, testing and proposals in addition to node splits, interconnects and back haul fiber links. 

Fiber Optic auditing of head ends, cabinets, routes and enclosures; to assist in locating existing paths, future growth and sustainability on networks.​

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We offer turnkey services so you only have to pick up the phone and dial one number:

  • Professional Engineer

  • Advanced Fiber Optic Technician

  • Fiber Optic Installer

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate

  • Network Support

  • Survey

  • Design

  • Firmware Support

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Software Support

  • Calibration

  • Noise Mitigation

  • Hardware Support

  • GPS coordinate data for OSP asset location purposes
  • ​Head end labeling and documentation
  • Detailed documentation of sheath footage, fiber counts, and dark fiber confirmation
  • ​Services including construction, splicing & design​​

Advanced Fiber Optics