Pole Survey & Data Collection

Pole Loading is a science.  With CCE's best practices your next project is failsafe.


CCE Services Inc has developed a demonstrable, repeatable, scientific approach to pole data collection (field-craft) by using state of the art equipment.

Our history speaks for itself in developing collection forms and formats that  report exact information as desired. By planning ahead there is no lack of momentum in any project.

  • Field Technology Tablets

  • IKE4S

  • IKE Office

  • SpidaCalc

  • OCalc

  • Hastings Measuring Poles

  • CVT Measuring Sticks

  • Laser Distance Measuring


Are you working with certified pros?

Our staff is experienced with numerous certifications and are always actively expanding their capabilities with continuing education.

  • SpidaCalc

  • OCalc

  • IKE3 Field Techniques

  • IKE4 Field Techniques

  • BackOffice Operations

Quality Service

  • Established procedures for data collection

  • Real-Time GPS accuracy

  • Verifiable Documentation

Tools Used

CCE Services Inc.

When it comes to your project, make sure that a qualified seal of approval is included with the proper certified professionals.

​Clear delineation of data by utilizing standardized forms. Field technicians are equipped with Hastings fiberglass measuring sticks and handheld IKE4  units with GPS.

  • Custom formatted deliverables

  • In-house CAD engineers

  • Full guarantee from start to finish