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Wireless - Satellite, Microwave, Wi-Fi, IDAS, ODAS and Small Cell


We are certified and actively involved in wireless design including both outdoor (ODAS) and indoor (IDAS) commercial installations (small cell), upgrades, site survey, design and management in both licensed & unlicensed spectrums. Wireless design of NOC, hubs & redundant links are all sections of the wireless spectrum we work in.

  • Fluke Networks

  • Anritsu​​

  • Fluke Networks AM/A1150 AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO

  • Anritsu MS2711D MS-2711D Spectrum Master Analyzer

  • Anritsu PIM Master MW8208A Passive Intermodulation Analyzer

Wireless Services

Tools Used

Are you working with certified pros?


Our staff is experienced with numerous certifications and are always actively expanding their capabilities with continuing education.

When it comes to your project, make sure that a qualified seal of approval is included with the proper certified professionals.

  • Satellite alignment, commissioning, repair & maintenance

  • Microwave links for high bandwidth uses

  • Wi-Fi metro, community, hospitality for high volume distribution or load balancing

  • Licensed spectrum for mobile services such as police, fire, municipalities & emergency broadcasting

  • Wide spectrum approach to communication service.